Regatta since 1987

STAR MAR, S.A. – Regatta Yacht Ropes® is a leading national company that enjoys a deserved position among the leading international brands in the manufacture of ropes worldwide.

Since 1987 we have been designing, manufacturing and distributing all types of ropes and ropes for different sectors: nautical, fishing, hot air ballooning, sports, work at height, decoration and industry in general.

With extensive experience in the use of state-of-the-art technology, we are capable of developing any type of rope using conventional fibers of the highest quality, and the latest high-performance fibers incorporated into the market, such as: Vectran ®, Dyneema®, Technora®, Kevlar® and Nomex®.


Involved in the vast majority of sectors that require high-performance ropes, we actively collaborate with stakeholders to always improve our products a little more.
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New products

A wide selection of products aimed at the end customer for intensive and reliable use. Ropes created for the highest demands and with very high qualities from the very creation of the rope.
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We remain faithfully next to our stores, where we can distribute an exceptional product, and thanks to them we are able to be present throughout the world.
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Most Popular Products of Regatta

Get to know first-hand the outstanding product that we can offer you at this time. Ropes designed and made in the last year to meet the new demands in high intensity activities.

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